My current work is about spontaneous expression of life force. Oil pigment sticks enable immediate, bold and tactile mark making that suits the volcanic pace at which I work. The silk and rice papers that I use for mono-printing combined with the oil pigment sticks have a petal-like delicacy. The contrast between the fine paper and bold pigments reflects the changeable qualities of the natural sources that inspire me: sky, water, flowers and trees. The art moves between complex turbulence and simple serenity. I worked digitally for many years and the pigment sticks satisfy the desire to literally get in touch with my work. I often move the pigments with my fingers and the marks have a personal calligraphy that embodies my joy of the moment.

The Synchronized Swimming series is a translation of drawing and painting into a photographic medium. I created the pieces at a Smith College synchronized swimming show. The traditional finale of the performance is a candle-lit piece. In a darken natatorium, the swimmers performed with battery powered "candles". It was a collaboration; as the performers swam, I moved the camera during long exposures to create my "drawings". I later adjusted the colors to complete the vision.